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For Fabulously Flirty Eyes

We are a specialised online store, supplying luxurious DIY strip & cluster mink lashes and professional fur extension products to the beauty industry. To see how easy our products are to use watch our How To Apply Video.

Our eyelashes are made from real cruelty free mink fur and are the softest, most natural looking lashes you will find anywhere. There are many imitations and fake products online but we're one of the few global sites stocking real mink fur of the highest quality.

As our strip and cluster eyelash extensions are made for DIY application, we supply you with the tools to look your sexy-best anytime, all the time! We stock other beauty supplies such as DUO brand lash adhesive, our preferred premium glue for the best results. 

Our range of products are always delivered in beautiful packaging - presented in true MinkMe style! New to the beauty trend of fur eyelashes? Read about our MinkMe lashes, and discover how easy it is to apply yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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Welcome to MinkMe

On the catwalk of life you want to look your sexy best all the time. False eyelashes have always added glossy mag glam to any occasion. But lashes enhanced by natural Siberian mink are the very pinnacle of style. Luxurious, velvety and feather light – eyes framed in mink lashes are irresistible.

It's not just the gleam in your eyes that demands attention. Make a statement and transform yourself into a doe eyed diva now.

Our online store provides the lastest in beauty supplies including mink strip, cluster and eyelash extensions that will keep you on the wave of the latest beauty trend.